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Flooring Ideas For Show-Stopping Entry By Modi Builders

Nowadays, affordable flooring ideas are plenty and worth the consideration when you are looking for an alternative to the high end floor covering, as they are reasonably priced with fine appearance. Besides, the complete range of economical flooring options has its own advantages. Modi Builders Review some of the best flooring options, so you can select the one that is most fitting for your needs.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate tiles are known for their durability, easy installation, wide selection of designs, versatility etc. This flooring is suitable for any room of the home, including the bathroom. Laminate flooring can be easily installed over an existing base which saves both money and efforts. Ultimate addition to your home décor, these floorings are resistant to the development of mold and bacteria.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Defiant to moisture and humidity, engineered wood flooring is a perfect alternative to hardwood floors. These floorings are admired for their qualities like environmentally friendly, easy installation and repair. These are available in assorted colors and wood grain finishes that can be used anywhere in the house, as per Modi Builder Review.

Cork Floor

Qualities like incomparable durability, resistance to cracking and abrasion are inherent in cork floorings. These coverings are impermeable to gas and liquid. Cork floors are resistant to fire, mold, mildew and termites etc. With suitable maintenance these have a lifespan of about 40 years.

Vinyl Flooring

These tiles can be easily cut and installed. It is a tremendous DIY project as the installation can be done without using special tools. You can go for vinyl floor tiles with self-adhesive properties which make installation even simpler. The best part is that vinyl floors can be installed over an existing floor (vinyl or linoleum). These tiles are smooth and flexible, durable, with a lifespan of over 20 years. Vinyl floors are resistant to dust and water with almost zero maintenance.

There are also other affordable floor ideas such as rubber, concrete, ceramic tile, vinyl composite tiles and plywood floors. There are scores of affordable options that are best for your interior design.

Some Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas

Some Easy Summer Home Decor Ideas

Give your home the quintessence of recreation while the warm months hit your door. Create a restful and interesting home space by implementing these simple decor ideas suggested by experts from Modi Builders. However, it is important to remember not to go over the top with the theme. Putting together some subtle accents with effervescent accessories will endow your home decor with a feel of modern and lively emergence.

Pillowcases for a brief theme modification  

To feel the essence of summer breeze within your home, screen your throw pillows with floral-print, attractive covers, suggests Modi Builders Review. Changing pillow covers is a simple décor alteration that can revive your home to match different moods and seasons.

Touch up with dazzling colours

If you’re really looking out redecorating your interior design this summer, you can put in a touch of dynamism to your walls with a bright coat of paint. Summer-friendly colours like green, blue, yellow, and tangerine can brighten up your walls and give your abode a feisty appearance, which is ideal for the warm months.

Bring the beach home

Planning a beach holiday this summer?  Why don’t you create the beach effect at home itself! Fill up the transparent vases with clean damp sand and place them at different corners of your home. You can also place candles in them to feel the beach sand and heed the waves booming as you enjoy a candlelight dinner.

Include a raffia tie on curtain

Adding a pop of colour to your windowpanes with a decorated raffia bow is a great idea. Brace them up with white curtains for a subtle-yet-chic look. This will bring out the colours while inducing cleanness, elegance and graceful decorating.

Where decoration of your home is concerned for the warm months, there is absolutely no limit! Settle on a budget in advance and then apply these creative touches by Modi Builders Review to make the most out of these transformations.


Home Décor Tips You Must Incorporate To Make Your Home Stunning

Every home has its exclusivity as it reflects the tastes and lifestyle of the indwellers. Irrespective of the furniture or interior design, there are certain components that stunning homes have in common. “By slotting in these components you can have a dazzling home of your own,” says an expert from Modi Builders.

A pleasant colour scheme

If the colour scheme isn’t pleasing, you cannot have a wow factor in your living space. Modi Builders Tips suggest to Choose vivacious yet serene tones; just ensure that the colours are harmonizing well. You can experiment with walls, décor items, floor coverings and furnishings.

Modi Builders Review

A flawlessly organized wardrobe

Mess is never attractive, particularly if it’s in your wardrobe.  You can easily organize and sort your clothing and accessories with a spacious closet. There is a saying, “everything in its place and a place for everything” which truly holds significance. By installing a bespoke closet you can get dressed up in an easier and enjoyable manner.

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Use sui generis dining chairs

Ravishing homes put across the personality of their indwellers, and dining chairs are a perfect way to turn heads without being overdramatic. Probably all guests would be using these dining chairs and a sui generis design can make even a basic table look attractive. If buying a new dining table burdening your pocket, just replace the chairs from something more spectacular.

Modi Builders Feedback

Comfy cushions and throws

Even a rustic home decor can be totally transformed with just a touch of softness. Beautiful homes feature quite a few comfy cushions and throws placed across a sofa, stool or bed. Choosing bed sheets, quilts, furs or other items will depend upon the furnishings of the space, however, they should feel out of the ordinary.

Modi Builders Review

Including one or more of these components can surely make your home look all the more beautiful. Single out your favourites and incorporate into your home decor for instant effect.


Chic Handrail Designs That Make The Staircase Distinct

A railing of a staircase is not just a safety feature. It can make an exceptional decor statement and bring style to your home. For example, you can use some unconventional materials by replacing the typical designs, maybe repurposing some items. Here are a few ideas, picked from Modi Builders Feedback that you will enjoy implementing.

Modi Builders Review

Paddle railing

Using a paddle can endow your staircase railing with an amazing look. Since the paddle is already cut out in a shape and size that staircases need, so you can simply repurpose it. Saluting to water pursuits, it is a great idea, especially for a lakefront or beach house.

Modi Builders Review

Custom tree branch

Harmonize your space with the Mother Nature by using a custom branch as stair railing. All you need is a suitable branch to use for this project. You can also go for an artificial branch and only draw on the shape as inspiration.

Modi Builders Feedback

Free form vine

For an out-of-doors staircase, a flexible vine can be used as a handrail. You can find these free form stems in the woods and incorporate them into your garden. The organic shape makes the wine perfect for the project.

Modi Builders

Birch branch

Creating handrail from a birch branch will make a great decor addition. You can easily recycle and repurpose components from nature. The railing will stand out against the crisp white walls together with the white stairs.

Modi Builders Review

Sculptural railing

For a rustic-look home, a fantastic staircase railing made using branches can be a perfect design for a winter cabin. It gives the room a very welcoming feel and it also complements the overall unique and sculptural décor.

Modi Builders Feedback

Rope handrail

A rope handrail can be very interesting if incorporated wisely. It can be an apt addition to a beach house or a space with a nautical-themed interior decor. Owing to its rustic appeal and a smooth texture, you can play well with all sorts of interesting knots.

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For more inspiration for adorning your home, refer to Modi Builders Feedback.


Wonderful Decor Ideas For Your Home Foyer

Modi Builders Review

To greet your guests in style you ought to have smart entryway decorating ideas. You have to make sure that the furniture, paint, decor; everything has to be in place. Let your entrance way decor tag on the chic of the rest of your home for aesthetic unity. Obviously the entryway of your home becomes the guest’s first point of contact with your dwelling’s interior. It is not necessary to pull on a lot of drama to your interior, in fact, try making it subtle and better. Modi Builders Review some tips to decorate your foyer space with fabulous ideas:

  • Try characterizing the space with a bold color such as red, peach etc. which radiates a warm welcome to guests.
  • Always leave some place for the kids to sit and take off their shoes, a replacement for kicking them off right away. A shoe rack and bench are a perfect option to get away with the mess.
  • It is a clever trick if you want to get away with cleaning the runner; all you have to do is paint on the floor instead, it is an easy and artistic approach to cover wear and tear, in case any.
  • Even a unique piece of art, such as mirror, can do wonders to endow your entryway by visually expanding the limited area.
  • Overhead lighting would be a perfect option for giving a unique visual effect to the vestibule, just 7-8 inches above the floor level. It can be a chandelier or pendant, but don’t hang it much lower, you’ll trim the space.

Your home’s foyer must not be a late addition. You ought to make it as beautiful and convivial as any other part of the house, greeting guests and inviting them to come in and be comfortable at once. Modi Builders Review has rounded up these chic foyers to boast how these overlooked spaces can actually express great hospitality.


Get inspired! Update your front and back yard with quirky ideas

Looking for landscape ideas to give your garden a sparking look? Modi Builders Feedback has got you covered. Go for a few or all of these landscaping ideas to smarten up your back and front yard.

Tiled pavers                                                                                                                                             The walkway can be made stunning by the well-trimmed and lush grass around it. You can also place bunches of flowers so as to make it more colorful. Don’t forget to keep the ambience uncluttered by eliminating those weeds as soon as they turn up.

Modi Builders Review

Use plants that serve dual purpose
One of the major landscape ideas is to install plants that serve more than one purpose. For example, espaliered apple tree, on one side offers privacy from the neighbours and on the other side of it; provides an eye-catching backdrop; and in spring, gives a yield of scrumptious apples.

Modi Builders Feedback

Use mix materials
Gardeners usually have scores of landscaping ideas for plants and fewer for their non-plant materials. You can effortlessly add ample interest to your yard by slotting in a variety of gardening materials. The natural lawn-like-feel and cut flagstones make for a pleasant contrast against downy beach pebbles.

Modi Builders Review

Island beds
By installing an island bed that floats in your yard is a unique landscaping idea. You can make island beds even more effective by elevating to the centre of the yard. In addition, you need to take a walk around the island to see what’s at the rear, so it adds a bit of mystery.

Modi Builders Feedback

Add Height with Planters and Baskets
Bored of your one-dimensional home? So why don’t you get rid of your one-dimensional landscape design? Add attractive, dazzling layers to your yard with lofty planters and hanging baskets. This approach enhances visual interest with minimal effort.

Modi Builders Review

As per Modi Builders Feedback, about 70% of homeowners spend time or money — or both — adorning their back and front yards. Even you can make your lawn look better than ever without burning a hole in your pocket.

Superb Curtain Ideas For Specific Spaces In The House

You grub up scores of options for curtains while browsing the market. However, before you buy any, it’s imperative to know where and how you’re going to sling your curtains. In line with Modi Builders Feedback, here are some curtain ideas for particular spaces in your house.

1. Lobby Loft                                                                                                                                           Enhance your lobby’s aura with golden tones of sun’s rays with warm textiles using floor-to-ceiling curtains in a blond yellow or cream shade. They will reflect and overstate the sunshine coming in, creating a positive atmosphere.

Modi Builders Feedback
2. Bedroom
For bedrooms, the pleated-top curtains are more apt owing to their traditional attention-grabbing details built right in. There are numerous types of pleated-top curtains, such as the double pinch pleat, pencil pleat, and goblet pleat.

Modi Builders Review
3. Kitchen
Sheer panels put in a bright and breezy look for windows and they don’t obstruct much natural light from coming in.
Display Tips for Sheer Panels
• If you’re not fussy about privacy, sling them alone for a pop of colour and texture combined with natural light.

Modi Builders
4. Dining Room
Valances are attractive draperies that sling across the top of a window. These curtains are designed to serve multiple purposes. Usually they are displayed as an accompaniment to the falling curtains, but you can also hang them solely to adorn a window, if privacy isn’t a concern or if you wish to capitalize on natural light.
Display Tips for Valances
• Drape a piece of fabric horizontally around the curtain rod to craft a simple yet chic scarf valance.
• Cover drab hardware and make the ceiling look higher with a conventional cornice valance.

Modi Builders Feedback

Curtains can instantly add luxury and grandeur to your space. So head for the suitable curtains and give your windows a spanking new look. If you like the post, you can also add Modi Builders Feedback in the box below.

Room Colors That Can Work Best For Your Home

Color consultants say that the colors used in your home can have an impact on your personality and health. The interior designers of Modi Builders state that the room color, particularly in your bedroom, greatly affects moods and emotions. While decorating your space, you must make a wise pick. As per Modi Builder Review, here’s a rundown of the colors which can work best for your home according to the moods they create.


Whether you want to give your bedroom a more peaceful look or give your bathroom a spa-like feel, experts propose blue, especially soft hues of it. Variations of Blues are identified as soothing and aid a sound sleep.

Modi Builders Review


Red is happy and stimulating! Have you ever thought why crimson hue is popular in cafes? Red color easily rouses one’s energy and upholding liveliness. It is just what you need when enjoying with peers over dinner or even quickly deciding over which menu dish to order.

Modi Builders Feedback


Green color traces our mind back to the profusion of lush green shades found in nature, reminding a healing emotion. Shades of Green also induce harmony and composure. Green is believed to be refreshing to the eyes and is advised to use for almost any of the rooms.

Modi Builders Review


Chocolate brown color, applied on all four walls of the room, makes you feel more comfortable and safe. Think about using a rich tone of cocoa for any wall in your home where loved ones can get together for invoking sense of togetherness.

Modi Builders Feedback


People who live in the pink effect become calmer. Pink is often linked with romance, which is evocative to the idea of being blissful. If you don’t like this rosy color, apply it in a room where you won’t be frequenting as much.

Modi Builders Review

In line with Modi Builder Review, choose the right colors and pair the best complimenting combo for your subsequent home decor project.

Alternates for Bedside Tables

Modi Builders Feedback

Bedside tables are must when it comes to bedroom comfort. Be it our books, medicines, body cream and specks, our bedside tables or nightstands store multiple things into the drawers in an organized manner. Since Modi Builders Review is all about new and creative ideas, here are few expert tips for bedside tables with an uncommon appearance, mini storage units which can boost the overall ambience of your bedroom.

Shelf to your rescue
All right, so this isn’t exactly a bedside option since it is placed behind your bed, but it serves the same purpose. Simple shelf can be placed perfectly atop a small headboard. Since we avoid being so dramatic, it can be called as a form that meets function masterpiece.

Tools of the Trade
Think outside the box, and consider a tool box for your bedside table. This Craftsman chest offers great storage, a pop of red, and a fun accessory to liven up the bedroom decor.

Instrumental Design
According to Modi Builders designers, you should never have to sacrifice style in even the smallest of spaces. She used her husband’s accordion case on top of a stool as a nightstand that looks great but can be easily taken apart when the accordion is needed.

Office Supplies
A vintage Knoll cabinet blends beautifully with this contemporary bedroom and offers lots of storage and a stylish midcentury modern vibe.

Desk Job
A writing desk beside the bed is a smart way to utilize space. Not only is it large enough to store your lamp, books and alarm clock, but it also provides a private spot to write letters or work from home.

Dual-purpose design
An upholstered chair, small counter, and dramatic mirror come together in this feminine space to create not only a nightstand for housing a lamp and reading material, but also a small vanity for getting ready in the morning.

As per Modi Builders Review, these options are great in terms of appearance, accessibility and space management, that too with style.

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