15-nov-emerald-heightsWhen it comes to real estate, It is important to get things right. Modi Builders have years of experience in providing the very best apartments and homes for young city dwellers in India. Their apartment complexes are vast, and fully appointed with the latest technology, and leisure facilities and security preferences. This makes them one of the leading providers of apartments in the region.

Emerald Heights is a premium apartment project with state of the art amenities, including a 45000 sq.ft. clubhouse, play areas, gardens, swimming pool, gymnasium, squash courts and several other facilities. Living at Emerald Heights will ensure that all the residents have a truly international lifestyle with the best quality of life compared to occupants of conventional apartments.

It is a modern building complex, and thus has plenty to offer a young city worker or professional who wishes to find a high-quality residence for their needs. The leisure facilities alone are something quite special. Residents get a fully stocked gymnasium with this apartment complex, so their fitness needs and requirements can be met easily on a daily basis. Attached to this are a sauna and a full set of gym equipment within a gymnasium complex setting.

When residents compare Emerald Heights to any other apartment complex nearby, they will see just how incredibly well outfitted it is as a complex. Truly international, high class living takes place here. This is luxury apartments Hyderabad at its best, and customers are recommended to investigate it if they have the resources.

These days, cleanliness is highly important. The hygiene of the area we live in is paramount in our minds. Emerald Heights is unique in this respect because it is a completely pollution free neighbourhood, so there are no problems regarding hygiene and general cleanliness of the area. This means the residents get to enjoy clean living, with clean air and facilities.

IT professionals

Another thing that makes Emerald House unique is the fact that it is closely located nearby to InfoSys. InfoSys is a high-quality IT provider, and provides lots of employment in the area for professionals. High quality professionals tend to work in this particular setting, which makes it ideal for Emerald Heights.

Emerald Heights is proud to offer accommodation for services workers and other IT professionals in the area, and this is a testament to the quality of the apartment complex. In addition to this, the Mind Space IT Park is located nearby too. This brings Emerald Heights very close to some of the best IT professionals in the area, which goes some way to showing just how professional their apartment complex is.

Many IT professionals choose to stay here simply because it is clean, well appointed, and has all the technology they need to leave their busy lives.