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Exterior painting is the only way to revamp and protect your house quickly, that too economically. You can completely transform the looks of your house just by applying a single coat of paint on walls. However, it is a big job as it may take around a week or two for completing the project.

Hiring a professional painter will cost you around Rs 45000 to Rs 50000 or even more, subject to the size and condition of your house. By painting the home yourself, you can save the labor expense—almost more than half—but it will entail a serious effort. Considering this, experts of Modi Builders suggest tips for effective and affordable exterior house painting.

Don’t withhold on materials

Buy the best quality paint, caulking compound and primer for painting your house. Applying top-quality paint will ensure durability. Remember to buy paint having a lifetime warranty against flaws in the finishing.

Do the basic preparation

Apply the paint on a clean, dry and even wall to ensure that it adheres well. Depending upon the state of existing siding and trim, this somewhat means extensive scraping and sanding may be necessary before you start painting.

Apply sufficient coats of paint

Commence with a premium oil-alkyd primer if you’re painting a raw wood or metal. You can also tint the primer toward the last paint color in order to minimize the need for more finish coats of paint. Also you can tone the primer to a complementary color, which will underscore any spots where the final coats haven’t entirely covered.

Use the right tools

It is important to use the right tools, such as a premium roller, brush, and airless sprayer in some cases. You can also easily hire out these tools from home improvement centers or tool rental outlets.

A new paint job on the exterior makes your house look pleasant and last longer. Follow Modi Builders Review for more quick tips to beautify your dream home.