Modi Builders Review

Of course, the marble finish of your kitchen counter is rough and scratched after years of use. It’s time to renovate the kitchen! But like everyone, you hate the thought of debris, dust and all kinds of mess flying around the kitchen during renovation. Wouldn’t it be just easy if someone juiced your mind with ingenious ways to renovate your kitchen without all the disorder and hard work? Well, we at Modi Builders review 5 awesome ways you can change the look of your boring old kitchen, without the renovation chaos.

The Woodland finish       

With enough wood planks and varnish, you can give your kitchen an Arcadian look. You can use different types of wood to give the kitchen a hobbit look. If you want the age-old finish on the kitchen panels, get reclaimed wood.


No, we’re not talking about the band, but the overall metallic feel in the kitchen. Use tin sheets and stainless steel boards to cover up the rough terrain of cabinets and drawers.


Beadboards might seem like a cheap option, but it isn’t an ugly one. Beadboards can cover kitchen mistakes best without much maintenance. It’ll also conserve the clean and uniform look in the kitchen.

A royal reflection     

You can use mirrors, reflective tiles and polished mount-ups to decorate your kitchen. If you’re the more jazzy kind, you can put small mirror tiles on the walls and panels to give the kitchen an anarkali look.

Paint it up 

The oldest trick in the book saved for last. If you see a hole or a patchy surface on your kitchen, you can fill it up with plaster and paint over it. A coat of paint will go with any type of material.

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