Modi Builders Feedback

Every season has its share of pests that bother your concentration when you’re about the daily chores. Naps are not comfortable when the little long-snouted vampires called ‘Mosquitoes’ leave you with bloodshot eyes and skin rashes. You might think about picking up a ‘Hit’ to hit the mosquitoes hard, but poison is poison for everyone. Thankfully, naturotherapists in collaboration with Modi Builders suggest 10 intelligent ways to get rid pests in your home. Let’s take a look!

Cinnamon is a better substitute for Laxman Rekha. You just need to sprinkle it over the point of entry of pests and it’ll do its magic. Cinnamon can be used best to keep out cockroaches.   

This might seem a bit undesirable, but eating garlic before sleeping will turn your body into a natural mosquito repellant. While sleeping, you’ll sweat garlic essence which in turn will drive away the mosquitoes.

Don’t sweat
Like literally! The more you work out and stress, the more your body will sweat and produce heat. Heat attracts bugs and most importantly, snakes.

Get rid of stale water
You might have seen this advice on large billboards outside government hospitals. It’s a small but very effective step. Throw away stale and standing water from containers, tires, and other hollow objects. They’re the breeding grounds for mosquito larva.

It’s best used in Chinese delicacies but you can spray it around your house to keep away the annoying ants.

Lemon peels
This is the best way to keep away spiders and simultaneously make your home smell good. Peel off a lemon and place those peels all around your house.

A good way to tell flies to ‘buzz off’ is to keep sliced onion in a bowl filled with water. Apart from flies, this will repel wasps as well.

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