Modi Builders Feedback

Bedside tables are must when it comes to bedroom comfort. Be it our books, medicines, body cream and specks, our bedside tables or nightstands store multiple things into the drawers in an organized manner. Since Modi Builders Review is all about new and creative ideas, here are few expert tips for bedside tables with an uncommon appearance, mini storage units which can boost the overall ambience of your bedroom.

Shelf to your rescue

All right, so this isn’t exactly a bedside option since it is placed behind your bed, but it serves the same purpose. Simple shelf can be placed perfectly atop a small headboard. Since we avoid being so dramatic, it can be called as a form that meets function masterpiece.

Tools of the Trade

Think outside the box, and consider a tool box for your bedside table. This Craftsman chest offers great storage, a pop of red, and a fun accessory to liven up the bedroom decor.

Instrumental Design

According to Modi Builders designers, you should never have to sacrifice style in even the smallest of spaces. She used her husband’s accordion case on top of a stool as a nightstand that looks great but can be easily taken apart when the accordion is needed.

Office Supplies

A vintage Knoll cabinet blends beautifully with this contemporary bedroom and offers lots of storage and a stylish mid-century modern vibe.

Desk Job

A writing desk beside the bed is a smart way to utilize space. Not only is it large enough to store your lamp, books and alarm clock, but it also provides a private spot to write letters or work from home.

Dual-purpose design

An upholstered chair, small counter, and dramatic mirror come together in this feminine space to create not only a nightstand for housing a lamp and reading material, but also a small vanity for getting ready in the morning.

As per Modi Builders Review, these options are great in terms of appearance, accessibility and space management, that too with style.