You grub up scores of options for curtains while browsing the market. However, before you buy any, it’s imperative to know where and how you’re going to sling your curtains. In line with Modi Builders Feedback, here are some curtain ideas for particular spaces in your house.

1. Lobby Loft                                                                                                                                           Enhance your lobby’s aura with golden tones of sun’s rays with warm textiles using floor-to-ceiling curtains in a blond yellow or cream shade. They will reflect and overstate the sunshine coming in, creating a positive atmosphere.

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2. Bedroom
For bedrooms, the pleated-top curtains are more apt owing to their traditional attention-grabbing details built right in. There are numerous types of pleated-top curtains, such as the double pinch pleat, pencil pleat, and goblet pleat.

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3. Kitchen
Sheer panels put in a bright and breezy look for windows and they don’t obstruct much natural light from coming in.
Display Tips for Sheer Panels
• If you’re not fussy about privacy, sling them alone for a pop of colour and texture combined with natural light.

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4. Dining Room
Valances are attractive draperies that sling across the top of a window. These curtains are designed to serve multiple purposes. Usually they are displayed as an accompaniment to the falling curtains, but you can also hang them solely to adorn a window, if privacy isn’t a concern or if you wish to capitalize on natural light.
Display Tips for Valances
• Drape a piece of fabric horizontally around the curtain rod to craft a simple yet chic scarf valance.
• Cover drab hardware and make the ceiling look higher with a conventional cornice valance.

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Curtains can instantly add luxury and grandeur to your space. So head for the suitable curtains and give your windows a spanking new look. If you like the post, you can also add Modi Builders Feedback in the box below.