Looking for landscape ideas to give your garden a sparking look? Modi Builders Feedback has got you covered. Go for a few or all of these landscaping ideas to smarten up your back and front yard.

Tiled pavers

                                                                                                                                            The walkway can be made stunning by the well-trimmed and lush grass around it. You can also place bunches of flowers so as to make it more colorful. Don’t forget to keep the ambience uncluttered by eliminating those weeds as soon as they turn up.

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Use plants that serve dual purpose

One of the major landscape ideas is to install plants that serve more than one purpose. For example, espaliered apple tree, on one side offers privacy from the neighbours and on the other side of it; provides an eye-catching backdrop; and in spring, gives a yield of scrumptious apples.

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Use mix materials

Gardeners usually have scores of landscaping ideas for plants and fewer for their non-plant materials. You can effortlessly add ample interest to your yard by slotting in a variety of gardening materials. The natural lawn-like-feel and cut flagstones make for a pleasant contrast against downy beach pebbles.

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Island beds

By installing an island bed that floats in your yard is a unique landscaping idea. You can make island beds even more effective by elevating to the centre of the yard. In addition, you need to take a walk around the island to see what’s at the rear, so it adds a bit of mystery.

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Add Height with Planters and Baskets

Bored of your one-dimensional home? So why don’t you get rid of your one-dimensional landscape design? Add attractive, dazzling layers to your yard with lofty planters and hanging baskets. This approach enhances visual interest with minimal effort.

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As per Modi Builders Feedback, about 70% of homeowners spend time or money — or both — adorning their back and front yards. Even you can make your lawn look better than ever without burning a hole in your pocket.