Modi Builders Review

It’s time to relish the monsoon and take a break from the scorching heat. Modi Builders Review some groovy home decor tips to revamp your home this wet season.

Experiment with Colours

Minute yet elegant additions in the decor can make your home monsoon ready. Bright cheery colours like corals and yellows are ideal for that elated feeling that monsoon leaves you with. This weather calls for light fabrics with synthetic blends. You can also choose bright-coloured cushion covers and throws. However, Modi Builders Review suggests avoiding blues, reds and other darker tones.

Go for Tropical Prints

Tropical prints are the latest thing for home decor this year. Leafy plants, flora and fauna are the essence of tropical prints. These prints can be used as wallpapers, cushion covers, drapes and in numerous other ways. These tropical prints are available in a wide assortment of colours.

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Patterns are a Good Option

Patterns are a cool pick and they create an illusion of shape. Distinctive patterns such as squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons etc., are in vogue this season. You can use these patterns in bed sheets, cushions, carpets, etc. Classy geometric designs are also a chic-pick for home decor.

Add Decor Accessories

Apart from experimenting with colours and fabrics, you can also play with the lighting arrangement in your home space. Also, good aromatic therapy is a good idea. The fresh air will help you to get away with the damp moist smell and enjoy a fanciful evening by lighting aromatic candles. The subtle humming of wind chimes would also complement the melodious sound of raindrops, creating a peaceful ambiance.

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The monsoon season is indeed the time to get drenched in the rain, sit slackly by the window and enjoy the pitter-patter of raindrops.