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Room Colors That Can Work Best For Your Home – Modi Builders

Color consultants say that the colors used in your home can have an impact on your personality and health. The interior designers of Modi Builders state that the room color, particularly in your bedroom, greatly affects moods and emotions. While decorating your space, you must make a wise pick. As per Modi Builder Review, here’s a rundown of the colors which can work best for your home according to the moods they create.

Best 5 Colors For Your Home


Whether you want to give your bedroom a more peaceful look or give your bathroom a spa-like feel, experts propose blue, especially soft hues of it. Variations of Blues are identified as soothing and aid a sound sleep.

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Red is happy and stimulating! Have you ever thought why crimson hue is popular in cafes? Red color easily rouses one’s energy and upholding liveliness. It is just what you need when enjoying with peers over dinner or even quickly deciding over which menu dish to order.

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Green color traces our mind back to the profusion of lush green shades found in nature, reminding a healing emotion. Shades of Green also induce harmony and composure. Green is believed to be refreshing to the eyes and is advised to use for almost any of the rooms.

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Chocolate brown color, applied on all four walls of the room, makes you feel more comfortable and safe. Think about using a rich tone of cocoa for any wall in your home where loved ones can get together for invoking sense of togetherness.

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People who live in the pink effect become calmer. Pink is often linked with romance, which is evocative to the idea of being blissful. If you don’t like this rosy color, apply it in a room where you won’t be frequenting as much.

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In line with Modi Builder Review, choose the right colors and pair the best complimenting combo for your subsequent home decor project.


Alternates for Bedside Tables – Modi Builders

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Bedside tables are must when it comes to bedroom comfort. Be it our books, medicines, body cream and specks, our bedside tables or nightstands store multiple things into the drawers in an organized manner. Since Modi Builders Review is all about new and creative ideas, here are few expert tips for bedside tables with an uncommon appearance, mini storage units which can boost the overall ambience of your bedroom.

Shelf to your rescue

All right, so this isn’t exactly a bedside option since it is placed behind your bed, but it serves the same purpose. Simple shelf can be placed perfectly atop a small headboard. Since we avoid being so dramatic, it can be called as a form that meets function masterpiece.

Tools of the Trade

Think outside the box, and consider a tool box for your bedside table. This Craftsman chest offers great storage, a pop of red, and a fun accessory to liven up the bedroom decor.

Instrumental Design

According to Modi Builders designers, you should never have to sacrifice style in even the smallest of spaces. She used her husband’s accordion case on top of a stool as a nightstand that looks great but can be easily taken apart when the accordion is needed.

Office Supplies

A vintage Knoll cabinet blends beautifully with this contemporary bedroom and offers lots of storage and a stylish mid-century modern vibe.

Desk Job

A writing desk beside the bed is a smart way to utilize space. Not only is it large enough to store your lamp, books and alarm clock, but it also provides a private spot to write letters or work from home.

Dual-purpose design

An upholstered chair, small counter, and dramatic mirror come together in this feminine space to create not only a nightstand for housing a lamp and reading material, but also a small vanity for getting ready in the morning.

As per Modi Builders Review, these options are great in terms of appearance, accessibility and space management, that too with style.

Rustic Home Furnishings Are Making A Major Comeback – Modi Builders

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As they say—home is where the heart is. For this reason, most of us spend so much of time browsing through the Internet in quest of some decor inspiration. Looking for unique ways to decorate your bedroom with some creative workings?

As per Modi Builders Feedback, adorning your space with a western tapestry is a simple and handy way to achieve the desired look.

If you have a thing for south-western decor, you will surely enjoy experimenting with vivacious tapestries in your bucolic style home. Completely adaptable and functional, the south-western tapestries, when used as a wall hanging or wall art, truly enliven your space and give it a stunning rustic feel.

A wall tapestry is a handy option to add colour and texture to your rooms, thereby putting life to your home decor. Besides, since they are handmade, the western tapestries can be used as display-worthy zesty pieces of artwork.

Tapestry artworks typically draw on the combinations of vibrant colours such as pink, purple and turquoise. Western themes look magnificent with attractive accent colours like black, red, and grey. For a combined indo-western feel, there are plentiful designs available in different patterns. It is possible to find vibrant colours in every style of woven rug, and tapestry patterns that persistently get more intricate.

The best thing about adorning with tapestries is that you can place them in all the rooms in your home. You can use them as a hanging tapestry or as rugs to go together with rustic furnishings and other accessories. Or else, place them in the entrance way, in lobby and in front of sofas and chairs to fill up unoccupied floor space. To pull off a more sporty style, hang them flat to put the accent on it.

You will be amazed at how much they brighten up your home and what impression they leave on your guests. As per Modi Builders Feedback, tapestry is the one of the trending home decorating items.

Fun and Cool Teenage Bedroom Ideas – Modi Builders

If you’re in quest of bedroom ideas for your teen, quickly analyze what your child loves and imagine their bedroom with their perspective. As per Modi Builders Review, a teenager altogether has poles apart views of a bedroom as compared to an adult — beyond a space to sleep.

A Multi-Purpose Room: Modi Builders Review

Your child’s room is much more than just a sleeping space. As they start realising their independence, having a room where they can spend time, study and chill out with friends is almost more imperative to them than sleep. Think of creative ideas to address the following areas in their room:
• A sleep area
• A study space
• A place to hang out with friends
If undersized space is a concern, apply some creative approaches to fulfil their multi-purpose room objective.

Decorate the wall with bold design: 
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While grownups prefer calm and modest surroundings, teens are fonder of vividly coloured, high energy rooms. The wall is the one of the biggest areas you can experiment with in your teen’s bedroom.

Add a tactual texture: 
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Teens are found of spending more time in their rooms because they feel connected and comfortable. Majorly drawn to cosy fabrics and textures, don’t forget to add some touchy-feeling elements in a room. Some of those ideas include:
• Hanging curtains to split the space
• Plush bedding
• A faux fur rug
• Hang fringe
• Flocked velvet wallpaper
• Pillows of different colours and textures

Sufficient Storage Space: 
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In point of fact, teenagers and organized rooms are an uncommon combination. Disorganized rooms tend to be a teenager’s intrinsic custom. Adequate storage space will be a good feature they actually think they didn’t needed but will be thankful for.

According to top builders in hyderabad, designing a room according to your teen’s unique personality will create a space they will cherish for years.

10 Natural Ways to make your Home Pest-Free! – Modi Builders


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Every season has its share of pests that bother your concentration when you’re about the daily chores. Naps are not comfortable when the little long-snouted vampires called ‘Mosquitoes’ leave you with bloodshot eyes and skin rashes. You might think about picking up a ‘Hit’ to hit the mosquitoes hard, but poison is poison for everyone.

Thankfully, naturotherapists in collaboration with Modi Builders suggest 10 intelligent ways to get rid pests in your home. Let’s take a look!


Cinnamon is a better substitute for Laxman Rekha. You just need to sprinkle it over the point of entry of pests and it’ll do its magic. Cinnamon can be used best to keep out cockroaches.   


This might seem a bit undesirable, but eating garlic before sleeping will turn your body into a natural mosquito repellant. While sleeping, you’ll sweat garlic essence which in turn will drive away the mosquitoes.

Don’t sweat

Like literally! The more you work out and stress, the more your body will sweat and produce heat. Heat attracts bugs and most importantly, snakes.

Get rid of stale water

You might have seen this advice on large billboards outside government hospitals. It’s a small but very effective step. Throw away stale and standing water from containers, tires, and other hollow objects. They’re the breeding grounds for mosquito larva.


It’s best used in Chinese delicacies but you can spray it around your house to keep away the annoying ants.

Lemon peels

This is the best way to keep away spiders and simultaneously make your home smell good. Peel off a lemon and place those peels all around your house.


A good way to tell flies to ‘buzz off’ is to keep sliced onion in a bowl filled with water. Apart from flies, this will repel wasps as well.

Want to add a point in this list? Let us know!


5 Creative Ways to Renovate your Kitchen without Tearing It Down! – Modi Builders

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Of course, the marble finish of your kitchen counter is rough and scratched after years of use. It’s time to renovate the kitchen! But like everyone, you hate the thought of debris, dust and all kinds of mess flying around the kitchen during renovation. Wouldn’t it be just easy if someone juiced your mind with ingenious ways to renovate your kitchen without all the disorder and hard work?

Well, we at Modi Builders review 5 awesome ways you can change the look of your boring old kitchen, without the renovation chaos.

The Woodland finish       

With enough wood planks and varnish, you can give your kitchen an Arcadian look. You can use different types of wood to give the kitchen a hobbit look. If you want the age-old finish on the kitchen panels, get reclaimed wood.


No, we’re not talking about the band, but the overall metallic feel in the kitchen. Use tin sheets and stainless steel boards to cover up the rough terrain of cabinets and drawers.


Beadboards might seem like a cheap option, but it isn’t an ugly one. Beadboards can cover kitchen mistakes best without much maintenance. It’ll also conserve the clean and uniform look in the kitchen.

A royal reflection     

You can use mirrors, reflective tiles and polished mount-ups to decorate your kitchen. If you’re the more jazzy kind, you can put small mirror tiles on the walls and panels to give the kitchen an anarkali look.

Paint it up 

The oldest trick in the book saved for last. If you see a hole or a patchy surface on your kitchen, you can fill it up with plaster and paint over it. A coat of paint will go with any type of material.

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Modi Builders Review Suggest Gardening Ideas For Small Balconies.

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Are you geared up for some home gardening? Nothing to worry if you live in a place where you don’t have a backyard; you still have the opportunity to cultivate plants in your home! As per Modi Builders Review, one of the popular garden spaces is balcony garden. The reason being that with balcony gardens, every square inch counts. Moreover, when you have less to ply, you tend to give everything more attention.

  1. Consider your balcony as an extension of your interior space

Undoubtedly, balcony has a major impact as an extension of interior space, and it’s essential to decide how to use your balcony with regard to your indoor space. In case of small balconies, you can easily bring the outdoors in. With smaller spaces, you need to come up with out of the box and efficient ideas. However, you must have a clear idea of what you want before starting with setting up a garden.

  1. Boost up your confidence by starting small

Gardening is an enduring task and a balcony garden is just the same. Don’t just directly take a long jump by starting too extensively because with too many plants the maintenance required can engulf a novice gardener. In its place, you can start with a handful plants that require nominal maintenance.

Read More:

  1. Check the load bearing capacity of your balcony

Tale a wise move and get the structural engineering check done on your balcony to estimate how much weight your balcony can bear. Remember that the weakest spot of the balcony lies in the middle; place the weighty pots around the perimeter.

  1. Adorn the crest of your containers

Top dressings including pebbles, wood bark chips, slate pieces, or agricultural grit add an ultimate finishing touch. Top adornment also unifies the containers aesthetically. Usually, the soil in a container evaporates speedily, and a top dressing will stop water from evaporating too rapidly.

For more guidance and tips on home decor, Modi Builders Review are abounding with ideas.


Tips for effective and affordable exterior house painting – Modi Builders

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Exterior painting is the only way to revamp and protect your house quickly, that too economically. You can completely transform the looks of your house just by applying a single coat of paint on walls. However, it is a big job as it may take around a week or two for completing the project.

Hiring a professional painter will cost you around Rs 45000 to Rs 50000 or even more, subject to the size and condition of your house. By painting the home yourself, you can save the labor expense—almost more than half—but it will entail a serious effort. Considering this, experts of Modi Builders suggest tips for effective and affordable exterior house painting.

Don’t withhold on materials

Buy the best quality paint, caulking compound and primer for painting your house. Applying top-quality paint will ensure durability. Remember to buy paint having a lifetime warranty against flaws in the finishing.

Do the basic preparation

Apply the paint on a clean, dry and even wall to ensure that it adheres well. Depending upon the state of existing siding and trim, this somewhat means extensive scraping and sanding may be necessary before you start painting.

Apply sufficient coats of paint

Commence with a premium oil-alkyd primer if you’re painting a raw wood or metal. You can also tint the primer toward the last paint color in order to minimize the need for more finish coats of paint. Also you can tone the primer to a complementary color, which will underscore any spots where the final coats haven’t entirely covered.

Use the right tools

It is important to use the right tools, such as a premium roller, brush, and airless sprayer in some cases. You can also easily hire out these tools from home improvement centers or tool rental outlets.

A new paint job on the exterior makes your house look pleasant and last longer. Follow Modi Builders Review for more quick tips to beautify your dream home.

Golden County: Gateway to a World of Ultimate Luxury – Modi Builders

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If you plan to buy a house in Ghatkesar, Hyderabad, envision yourself in an abode of placidity with residential villas at Modi Builder’s Golden County. As Modi Builders focuses on security, a luxurious sanctuary awaits your family while you live in a home you have long dreamt of.

Specifications of Golden County

  • 350 Luxury Villas of size (1624 sft to 2387 sft) with 131 Villas in Phase 1 with 2 car parking’s per house
  • Each house features a servant quarter and a spacious living lounge. Cellar option can be provided at additional charges
  • Gated community with lavish villas starting from an affordable price of Rs. 55* lakh, guarantying hefty appreciation in due course
  • Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) approved layout
  • Payments according to the construction milestones ensuring minimum burden on buyers. Amounts to be paid as the house is constructed.
  • Best-in-class amenities including a clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, badminton courts, tennis courts and much more
  • Excellent location at Rampally, within 1 km from Outer Ring Road and 1km from new Infosys campus and Raheja Mindspace IT Park. ORR will also be operational soon.

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  • Well connected with 200 feet wide road from Uppal with easy access to the Hyderabad — Warangal highway. Located in ORR— Growth Corridor and ITIR region.
  • Infosys employee strength projected to increase to over 50,000 people in a few years. Genpact is also expanding its operations at Pocharam SEZ.
  • Avail infrastructural benefits like excellent road connectivity, international schools, engineering colleges and other residential colonies

You can check Modi Builders Feedback for further information on the completed projects and be rest assured before making an investment.

The Golden County’s fit-outs are designed to capitalize on the living spaces and to increase natural light. The ultra-modern structure and top-notch amenities combine style with functionality. Its interior is equally stunning, with deluxe, spacious three and four bedroom villas and spacious balconies that showcase a striking landscape and the cosmopolitan city life.


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